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We have a very simple and easy-to-use online VAT Calculator for calculating the amount of VAT that is charged on the given price.

Whenever you purchase goods or services in the UK, Value Added Tax (VAT) is charged. From 4 January 2011, the VAT rate 17.5 % changed into the standard VAT rate 20% in the UK.

You must have an invoice or receipt before 4 January 2011 to choose 17.5 % standard VAT rate. However, if the invoice is after 4 January 2011, you should choose 20% standard VAT rate and not 17.5%. Our free online VAT calculator will help you see the VAT charges taking these rates into account and help you get the right amount.

How to work out vat on a calculator

Our free online VAT Calculator is a very simple to use. You should enter the VAT exclusive price into the “Amount” box and correct VAT rate in the “VAT” box. Then, you can click on the “Add VAT “button to get the VAT inclusive price.

To know the amount of VAT on the VAT inclusive price, you should enter the VAT inclusive price into the correct box and right VAT rate in the “VAT” box. Then, you should click the “Remove VAT” button to get the item’s price without VAT and the amount of VAT.

About VAT in the UK

Value Added Tax is a consumption tax imposed in the purchase of goods and services with the view of generating tax revenue for the economic boost of the country. One advantages of paying a this type of tax is any business can claim input VAT with a valid invoice.

Value Added Tax (VAT) is charged on the sale of goods and services by the businesses in the UK. Along with this, VAT is also charged on the goods and services imported from countries outside the European Union (EU) to the UK. The change in the standard rate of VAT changed to 20% from 17.5 % due to the financial disorder in the UK.

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